Actuating on the Market since 1982, in its own headquarters with showroom, workshop and warehouse, the ZIMBARDI MÁQUINAS, FERRAMENTAS E SERVIÇOS (ZIMBARDI MACHINES, TOOLS AND SERVICES LTD.) maintains permanent partnership with various customers from small, medium and large companies, providing machines and equipment, tools and services with the latest available Technologies and attractive Cost X Benefit relationship.

We exclusively represent the most active and updated European, North American and Asians manufactures in the field of machining, assembly, finishing, machine components and parts and industrial cutting tools. Keepers of the most modern technology.

  • High speed machining in milling/turning/grinding vertical and/or horizontal;
  • Multitasking Machines;
  • Oversized Machines for turning, milling, boring, drilling, threading, grinding and others. Horizontal and/or vertical;
  • Micro machines for turning, milling and threading;
  • Machines transfer CNC;
  • Integrated machining centers;
  • Special machines;
  • Machines for school and training;
  • Fixed bench milling machines;
  • Assembly and test machines, rotary, linear and/or combined with the best value for:
  • Booked area X Labor reduction X Productivity X Quality gain X Acquisition cost;
  • Machine Components and/or parts;
  • Cutting tools with the best geometries and coatings;
  • Accessories and Add-ons of machines;
  • Services of maintenance, renovation and retrofitting;
  • Spare parts inventory;
  • Industrial automation;
  • Process engineering services and projects;
  • Projects turn-key;
  • International funding;
  • New and used Machines.

Please contact us, be you too a well-attended and profitable partner.


It comes from the verb "to comply", which means "to comply, to execute, to satisfy, to fulfill what has been imposed", that is, Compliance is the duty to comply, comply and follow internal and external norms and regulations imposed on activities.
Follow the official and unofficial norms, besides the "good habits".

We are totally committed to being-to-be.

Continuous improvement and adherence to the rules and standards of honesty, respect, loyalty, ethics, compliance, safeguarding industrial / commercial secrets, quality, discretion, relationship and others are supervised and guaranteed directly by the founding partner of the Company.

We guarantee that any technical and / or administrative information obtained during the performance of commercial activities, exploratory and / or corrective techniques, such as specification, knowledge of how to do, operation, organization, performance, trade secret and others of the Client Company will always be maintained as confidential and confidential.

Customer Offers:

The best Technical Option available;

The best cost X benefit ratio;

The best service of pre-sale, sale, after-sales service and maintenance of the market;

Offering to the Represented the best condition for competitiveness and knowledge of Customers, markets, competitors, and the Law in General;

Providing to the employees, partners, contractors and suppliers the Best Product, Competitive Conditions, information, Respect, Honesty and Profit;

Generating jobs. Adding technology, contribute to the growth and upgrading of the country;

Respecting the environment;

Respecting the Rules and Commercial Policies, Work Correctly.

Learn, Share, Develop, Grow, Create, Interact, Profit and Save.